Week of Service - 25-31 March - 03/14/2017
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We are 11 days away from kicking off the very first International Week of Service.

The International Week of Service website was launched a few weeks ago and is currently available in 10 languages. There are 13 organisations officially participating in this endeavour.

To date, 155 users have clicked that they are Going and 312 have clicked that they are interested on the International Week of Service Facebook Event. There have been 26 posts on the event with several Likes and Comments.

We look forward to seeing the online posts and stories submitted during and following the International Week of Service (25 - 31...

International Election Results 2016/17 - 02/20/2017
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Mr Moon Sang-bong has been elected International President Elect for 2017/18.

The results of the elections were announced on Friday during the welcome dinner of the Mid Year Meeting hosted in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Mr Moon, from Yeosu, Korea, has been elected International President Elect for a period of one year, starting 1 July 2017.

Participation in the voting

The deadline for this year’s International Election voting papers was 31 January 2017.

Clubs who sent votes after this date were considered as election participants but their votes were not counted.

Until 15 February, 792 clubs had sent in their voting ballots for International Officers. Based on the number of clubs at...

Result of Vote on Constitution Amendments - 02/20/2017

Proposed Amendment 1 APPROVED

Qualification requirements for International Council Members – ARTICLE IV, LEGISLATIVE OFFICERS, Section 3

Addition of text:

“This nominee shall meet the qualification requirements established by the International Council. Areas may establish their own qualification requirements subject to the approval of the International Council. The qualifications for Young Council Members shall be established only by the International Council.”

Proposed Amendment 2 APPROVED

Eligibility of Young Council Members to the position of APE – ARTICLE V, ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS, Section 1

Addition of text:

“Each Area shall determine in its...

IP e-NEWS - March - 02/20/2017
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IP Joan Wilson is very pleased to share the March edition of the IP e-NEWS. You will find important information on the future of Y's Men as leaders discuss how to evolve to meet changing needs for our members and for those we serve. You will also learn about how we are working to engage and involve young people, while offering them skills and knowledge on Y Service. There is much more in this edition so please read on!

Test for image - 02/20/2017
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Test for image

International Week of Service - 02/13/2017
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Dear fellow Y’s Men/Y Service Club members,

Y’s Men/Y Service International has joined together with other international service organisations to partner in an International Week of Service. Across the globe, volunteers – like you – are working to improve their communities. As we take on many challenges facing us today, we create personal bonds and friendships with other community members and volunteers. It is in this spirit that we ask your clubs to invite another local service group to volunteer with you during the last week of March (25-31 March). 

Information and resources for this event can be found at Also, visit the International...

Elmer Crowe Awards 2015/16 - 02/08/2017

The Elmer Crowe Awards for 2015/16 have been presented by IPIP Wichian Boonmapajorn.

The Elmer Crowe Award recipients are:

Asia Japan East Hokutobu Noriyuki Nakagawa
Asia Japan West Chubu Kyoji Arakawa
Asia Southeast Asia Hong Kong Jorence Tsang
Asia Taiwan South Pin-Rui Su
Europe Denmark Storå Gunnar Haug
Europe Russia Ural Siberia Irina Mamaeva
India Mid West India District 03 (MWIR) Bijumon K.S.
India Mid West India District 11 (MWIR) Pratheesh Paul
India South India District Bangalore I (SIR) Thomas J. Biju
India South India District Bangalore II (SIR) P.U. Raju
India South India District West (SIR)  Chandrasekharan
India South West India District 02 (SWIR)

YMI World in Spanish and Danish - 02/02/2017

YMI World 2 - 16/17 in now available in Spanish and YMI World 1 - 16/17 has been published in Danish.

IP e-NEWS - February - 01/30/2017
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IP Joan Wilson is delighted to share with you the February edition of her IP e-NEWS.  It is jam packed with information, with an emphasis this month on the major projects of Time of Fast - Global Projects Fund and Roll Back Malaria.  Leaders are reminded to share this link with their members so that this information is available to all. 

TOF-GPF Donations Calendars - 01/26/2017

To inspire members to contribute to the Time of Fast - Global Project Fund (TOF-GPF), YMI publishes calendars for the month of February - TOF-GPF Emphasis Month - with suggestions for small donations throughout the month. The calendars are available in English, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Danish, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Spanish. Click here to download your calendar.

YMI World 2 - 16/17: Out Now! - 01/23/2017
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The three regular publications from YMI - the IP e-NEWS, YMI World, and Youth World - are all available under the menu item Publications. The latest edition of YMI World (N° 2, 2016/17) is now available.

IP e-NEWS - January - 12/21/2016
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IP Joan Wilson's IP e-NEWS,  January 2017 edition, is now available, and she releases it with the following message:

"Seasons Greetings to all our Y's Members across the globe!

I am pleased to share the January issue of my IP e-News with you. As you look forward to the New Year, I encourage you to think 'outside the box' for ways to improve your service through YMI to those in need and then, share those ideas with others. Read my article for some suggestions.

In this edition, you will also find some interesting news on our headquarters and new satellite office, a youth report on climate education to supplement news from our Green Team and an update on YMCA/YMI cooperation...

Voting Papers should not be stapled together - 12/14/2016

The International Election is now well underway. A reminder that your voting papers must reach IHQ no later than 17:00 (5.00 pm) Geneva/Central European Time on Tuesday 31 January 2017.

Clubs are kindly asked to note that voting papers that are sent by post should not be stapled together.

The two separate voting papers (Voting Paper 1 - International Officers and Voting Paper 2 - Amendments to International Constitution) should be kept separate to avoid additional work when processing the ballots at IHQ as the staples must be immediately removed.

Clubs may staple Voting Paper 2 if the two pages of that ballot are on separate sheets - but Voting Paper 1 should be left separate.

IP e-NEWS - December - 11/22/2016
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IP Joan Wilson is again pleased to share her IP e-NEWS with you. As this issue is for the month of December, there is a strong connection to our Movement's Christian basis, with a number of different viewpoints being expressed by young and old. She is sure you will find them all interesting. There are other special articles which show different ways to connect with the YMCA, and to serve collaboratively and effectively. Happy reading!

"As we approach Christmas and the holiday season, I wish each and every one of you a very wonderful time celebrating the birth of Jesus, and in time spent with family and friends. Take time to appreciate all your blessings, including being a part of this...

Discover Our Publications - 11/21/2016
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The three regular publications from YMI - the IP e-NEWS, YMI World, and Youth World - are all available under the menu item Publications. The latest edition of YMI World (N° 1, 2016/17) is now available.

Logging In - 11/07/2016

Maybe you've noticed the "Login" button? This will allow you to access your details in the Portalbuzz system but you don't need to be logged in to use the website.

Only members whose Regions have registered to use Portalbuzz will be able to login.

First time logging in? You'll need to set your login credentials by registering your email address and password. Click the "Login" button then "Register/Reset Password" link below to get started. If it doesn't work, it's most likely because your Region is not registered in the Portalbuzz system. Contact your Regional Director for help.

New Website Coming Soon - 11/02/2016

Thanks for your patience while we work on our new site.