Who are Y's Menettes?

Traditionally, a wife of a Y's Man was called a Y's Menette and they sometimes formed an auxiliary to the local Y's Men's Club.  Today, Y's Menettes are women who have chosen to join a Y's Menettes' Club - and a Y's Menettes' Club today is no longer an auxiliary to a Y's Men's Club but has its own programme to support the local Y's Men's Club, YMCA and the community.

Y's Menettes share the warm fellowship of an international organisation, by:

  • Participation;
  • Enjoying social activities which often involve the whole family;

  • Attending Regional, Area and International Conventions;

  • Learning of our friends and fellow members in other countries through the "Sister Club programme".

2016/17 Leadership Team

International Director

International Project Coordinator

Ms Gurli HOLM


International Sister Club Coordinator

Ms Margaret MUISE



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