About 90% of local club support stays in the local community - either through support to the local YMCA or through direct community support (most often a combination of the two). Annually, such support is estimated at close to US$ 4 million - plus numerous hours of volunteer service work.

But local clubs also support international programmes, such as:

Alexander Scholarship Fund to support training of YMCA Staff persons. Named in honour of our founder, Judge Paul William Alexander. Every year, local clubs support training of YMCA Secretaries with about US$ 120,000. About US$ 12,000 (10% of the local support) is sent to the International Headquarters and is used to support leadership training programmes mainly in Africa, Latin America and India, but in recent years also in Eastern/Central Europe.

Brotherhood Fund to allow travel of members to visit members in other countries. Every year, about US$ 200,000 is contributed through the sale of used stamps (about 15%) and from cash contributions (about 85%). This programme helps to increase understanding of different cultures - both for those travelling ("BF Delegates") and for those hosting them.

International Brother Clubs to enhance international understanding. Links between Y's Men's Clubs in different countries through the exchange of emails, letters, bulletins, photos, CDs, DVDs, etc - and visits whenever possible.

Roll Back Malaria is the global framework for coordinated action against malaria. Y's Men International are working in partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to deliver funds for the purchase of long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets for distribution in high-burden areas.

Time of Fast. Money is raised through Y's Men "skipping" a meal or two and paying what the meal would have cost into the TOF programme. The funds thus contributed are used to support YMCA projects all over the world. The programme started about 20 years ago and shows a dramatic increase in contributions - and hence support to YMCAs.



Type of projects supported

Average Support per year ($US)

1973 - 82

Various relief and development projects


1982 - 85

World coordination of leadership and development programme


1985 - 91

Underprivileged children


1991 - 99

Community development and family involvement


1999 - 02

Building peoples' futures


2002 - 05

Building a peaceful future