Time of Fast Global Project Fund

Pupose and Objectives

The Time of Fast Global Project Fund (TOF) is an annual International Y's Men's fund raising programme which began as monetary assistance made available to areas of developing countries by arrangement with the World Alliance of YMCAs (WA).

TOF is now a popular programme where Y’s Men members all over the world, traditionally give up at least one meal (usually during the month of February) and donate the cost of that meal to the TOF fund which in turn makes the money raised in this way available to projects sponsored by both Y’s Men and the YMCAs all over the world. Since its inception in 1972 to date, TOF has raised about US$ 4 million for development projects and disaster relief.

The Spirit of Y's Men

In normal fund raising campaigns money is raised by advertisements and public calls for people who are willing to donate. But very rarely do these people are made to realise the value of their contributions by way of the difference it would make to the lives of the underprivileged. But in TOF the money comes in from the people who voluntarily give up one meal and thereby equate themselves with the everyday life of the poor and the needy. Thus the participants get to know the feel of hunger and also what a meal can mean to someone who had been without food for days. Despite the scientific advancements it is a pity that we still have people around the world who go to bed with an empty stomach day after day. The irony is that we are able to develop warheads, which can wipe off a whole continent in a matter of minutes but not ways by which we can assure at least one meal a day to the poor and the needy.

This global programme of Y’sdom recognises that both poverty stricken and 'rich' countries have communities in need of help. The programmes implemented under TOF are designed specifically to cater to the needs of the local community. In Burma, TOF maintains safe childcare facilities allowing mothers to work and support their families. In Togo, food mills are developed by the people to help feed their community. In Columbia, work with handicapped children gives them new zest for life. In Sioux communities, programmes help residents cope with depression and social abuses.

The fund raising ideas for TOF are very much reflective of the diversity that Y'sdom encompasses amidst its members.

  • Selling Christmas trees in Minneapolis;
  • Selling of home made crafts in Peru;
  • Carol singing and sale of Christmas cakes in India;
  • Conduct of flea markets in Denmark;
  • Used books and white elephants auctions;
  • Barbecues, cookouts and food booths;

These are just some of the ideas that have been working quite well and helping with our efforts to make a positive difference to the lives of the unfortunate many around each of us.


A TOF project should primarily:

  • deal directly with people,
  • improve the receiver's quality of life,
  • be of the self-help variety, with ongoing results,
  • have the endorsement of the YMCA of the country in which the project is located.

Since the inception of the TOF programme in 1973, Y's Men International has contributed close to US$4.5 million to various YMCA and community projects and emergencies around the world...

Today 21 ongoing projects and 6 newly approved projects in a total of 16 countries are supported by TOF.

  • During the first twelve years of TOF (1973-1985), we supported 14 projects (about 1 project per year) at an average of US$47,000 per year.
  • During the six years (1985-1991), we supported 28 “Underprivileged Children” projects (about 5 projects per year) at an average of US$88,000 per year.
  • During the eight years (1991-99) we supported 89 “Community Development and
    Family Involvement” projects in 38 countries (over 10 projects per year) at an average of close to US$200,000 per year!
  • During the three years (1999-2002) we supported a total of 25 projects in 15 countries dealing with “Building Peoples’ Futures” at an average of close to US$200,000 per year.
  • Since 2002/03 we have supported 42 projects on “Building A Peaceful Future” in 15 countries (about 8 projects per year) at an average of over US$ 150,000 per year.
  • Since 2005/06 we are supporting 11 projects in 7 countries under the Unified Global Project (UGP) theme “HIV/AIDS Prevention – Y’s Men’s Mission” at an average of USD 180,000 per year.