The North Central Region is made up of twenty-five clubs with a total membership of 442.
The North Central Region did not put on a Regional Convention this year as everyone was quite busy preparing and putting on the US / Canadian Area Convention. That event being over the clubs have returned to their regular meeting and activities.
Again the dues collection comes with the fall start up and building our club membership. Our region is no different from anyone else. We all need a plan to address this issue. If you were at the US Area/Canadian Convention you’ll know what to
do. We as Y’s men have 78 years of success stories to tell. We just need to capitalize on our strength.
This winter we look forward to helping the Sioux Falls, SD club celebrate their 50th Anniversary on 09 February 2002.
Congratulations go out to Matt Barnes of the Mankato Y’s Men Club for providing funding for children’s programs in the greater Mankato, MN area. Primary beneficiaries include the YMCA Summer Camp Scholarship Fund and the YMCA Capital Improvement Fund. For Matt and the clubs efforts they were recognized financially by the Prudential Insurance Company of America by receiving the Prudential Community Champions Rising Star Award for volunteer service through the Y’s Men’s Club.                     

 North Central Region Bulletin Polaris 0614

 CLUB #                CLUB NAME
120           Downtown Minneapolis Y's Men's Club
204           Minnetonka Y's Men's  Club
218           Northwest Minneapolis Y's Men's Club
278           Metropolitan Minneapolis Y's Men's Club
322           Emma B. Howe Y Service Club
392           Northwest Y Service Club  
262           Southtown Minneapolis Y's Men's Club
277           Southdale Minneapolis Y's Men's Club
280           Minneapolis Roosevelt Y Service Club
285           Bloomington Y's Men's Club
389           Minnesota Valley Y's Men
                  Minneapolis Hiawatha Y Service Club
    North Dakota
222           Colin Brown (Minot) Y's Men's Club
223           Fargo Moorhead Y's Men's Club
    North Star
328           Duluth Area YMCA Service Club
    Southern Minn
115          Mankato Y's Men's Club
217          Albert Lea Y's Men's Club
281          Sioux Falls Y Service Club
355          Custer Y's Men's Club
366          Rapid City Y's Men's Club
    St Paul
110          Midway Y Service Club
111         Skyway St. Paul Y Service Club
112          South Family St. Paul Suburban Y Service Club  
398          St. Croix Valley Y Family Club
116          Appleton YMCA Service Club
117          Green Bay Y's Men's Club
118          North Central Milwaukee Y's Men's Club
284          Sheboygan Y's Men's Club  
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