The new South Atlantic Region (formerly the Southern Region and the Southeast Region) includes 10 states, North and South
Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Our present membership is found in 11 clubs in 4 of the states which means we have a great potential for membership and extension in the other 6 states.  Club Locations Are: 

130   Galax Y's Men's Club                              Galax, Virginia                  President, C.C. Kurtz, Jr.

131    Jesse Burton Eden Y Service Club     Eden, North Carolina        President, Jim Huffman

128   High Point Y's Men's Club              High Point, North Carolina   President, Tim Taylor

383   Charles Johnson Y's Men's Club    Salisbury, North Carolina    President, Ed Brinskelle

360   South Rowan Y Service Club        Landis, North Carolina          President, Linda Michael

136  John R. Mott Y's Men's Club           Kannapolis, North Carolina  President, Bobby Eagle

133   Henry D. Grimes Y's Men's Club   Kannapolis, North Carolina President, Don Moose

132    J. T. Fesperman Y's Men's Club    Kannapolis, North Carolina President, Bobby Mauldin

107   St. Clair Cobb Y's Men's Club         Knoxville, Tennessee         President, H.C. Morris

106   Atlanta - Omega Y's Men's Club   Atlanta, Georgia                 President, Lilton Griffin

403  A.E. Finley Y Service Club             Raleigh, North Carolina   President, A.J. Carr

 There is one  Y's Menettes Club in the South Atlantic Region

     Galax Y's Menettes                                Galax, Virginia                    President, Jennifer Flippen


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