Brotherhood Fund (BF)

Strengthening the worldwide community of Y's Men.

Josey Joseph ISD (Public Relations) 09-10

During this New Year month of January 2010, Our most respected International President Mr. KEVIN CUMMINGS desires that his Y’s Men’s Clubs across the world shall devote the whole month of January to mobilize maximum amount of finance to the BF, so as to achieve the ambitious goal set by his 8 APs of CHF 17690 in BF head of Account.  As you are also known, BF is one among the several unique programmes of Y’s Men International.

  • Alexander Scholarship Fund (ASF)
  • Endowment Fund (EF)
  • International Brother Clubs (IBCs)
  • Time of Fast (TOF)
  • Y’s Extension Support (YES)
  • Youth Activities – YEEP & STEP

During the course of this month of January, Leaders at different strata are expected to provide utmost emphasis to BF in respect of creating awareness amidst the general Membership and Clubs and also to enthuse Y’s Men, Y’s Menettes and Y’s Lings including Youth to donate in cash and also to collect commemorative stamps.  Efforts should be initiated to organize Philatelic Clubs in Y’s Men’s Clubs.  Ensure, the participation of Lings including youths in the Philatelic Clubs.

Purpose of the BF

  • To provide travel assistance to Y’s Men Leaders to visit other countries to attend International or Area Conventions or Clubs functions (including C.S Projects).
  • Facilitate to strengthen the fellowship of Y’s Men across the world.
  • Foster and maintain International understanding and world peace among the people of different countries.
  • BF delegates are considered as the Ambassadors of their home land to the visiting countries.
  • Visiting BF Delegates and the host Clubs can enjoy & experience a spirit of true Internationalism.

Source of Fund:

(i) Direct cash contribution by the Y’s Men, Menettes, Youth and other Lings.

(ii) Sale of commemorative stamps and First Day Covers.

(iii) Other suitable sources depending on the life style and culture of the people of the Country, the Members can adopt their own methods to raise additional Fund.

Sale of Stamps – Philately

Collection and sale of cancelled commemorative stamps and first day covers is a very interesting and attractive source of raising BF.  Stamps are of two types:

  • Definitive Stamps
  • Commemorative Stamps

Definitive stamps are being issued by the Government Departments of the countries for regular use of the people and commemorative stamps are published only  in special occasions and in limited numbers to honour a person or an event.  Stamps are known as the silent Ambassadors of a country which depict the history- art or culture of that country.  In  stamp markets usually, commemorative stamps have more demand (fetch more money).

Processing of stamps

All cancelled stamps collected must have be in marketable condition for sale stamp collectors.  They must not be damaged, defaced or discolored while processing.  Such stamps must be properly  soaked ,dried and packed, usually in packets of 100.If somebody feels that is not possible for him to process the cancelled stamps properly as above, he can cut the envelop with at least 5 – 6 mm  of margin around the stamps and pack as 100 stamps each.  These packets are to be mailed/or entrusted to the authorized person in the Region RSD – Philately(BF)/ASD philately (BF) who in turn can send the bundles (along with a list of clubs or Y’s Men members responsible for the collection of stamps etc) to the ISD-BF promotion:

PIP Mr. DAVID G.MORRIS, 209 Brookview St, Moncton, N.B. EIC9N8, CANADA (dcmorris(at)

PIP Morris will duly remit the proceeds of the sale to IHQ BF Account in the name of Club, Region or Area.

Brotherhood Fund Expenditure Committee

BFEC appointed by the International Council composed of Leaders from different Areas in Y’s dom determine the visitation programme and administer the funding of such visits.  The current BFEC Chairman is Mr. Regnar Neilsen, Denmark (regnarn(at) The BFECC reports the functioning of his committee occasionally direct to the International Council.

Guidelines for BF selection

Specific guidelines have been given to BFEC by the ICM as to the eligibility of a Y’s Man for grant from BF.

Eligibility of Y’s Man for BF Grant

  • The Member must be a potential or current Leader who will be able to benefit and contribute to the promotion of Y’s dom.
  • The Home Club of such a Member must be a goodstanding club in all respect.
  • Must have contributed to BF to qualify for Alf Reynold Award (U.S.$ 5 per member based on last October 1st Report).

BF Delegates: “The fortunate” Y’s Men Members who are benefited from this grant are usually known in brevity as BF Delegates.“BF DELEGATES ARE THE AMBASSADORS OF THEIR COUNTRIES TO THE VISITING COUNTRIES”.

Awards For BF Contribution in YMI

  • DICK NICHOLS AWARD : Given to the Region with the largest increase in total points over the year in support of the BF.
  • DIRECTOR’S AWARD : Given to the Region with the  highest average number of BF points per club.
  • ERINE BELL AWARD : Given to ten Clubs with the  most stamp points in support of BF.
  • TOP TEN AWARD : Given to the ten clubs with the highest number of  BF points.
  • AL  JACQUES AWARD : Given to clubs achieving a total of minimum contribution of US $ 250O per year.
    • Ist level U.S$5.00 per member
    • 2nd level U.S$10.00 per member
    • 3rd level U.S$25.00 per member
    • 4th level U.S$50.00 per member
    • 5th level U.S$100.00 per member.

A minimum amount of contributions per member as per membership on October 1st.


The Area Presidents, Regional Directors, Area Service Directors (ASDs-BF/Philately) District Governors, RSDs BF/Philately, Clubs Presidents etc. are earnestly requested on behalf of our IP Kevin to motivate the Leaders and members at their operational area and to enthuse them to mobilize maximum Fund during the emphasis month itself to achieve the goal set by the APs in BF for the year 2009-10.  Special incentives such as Awards, Citations etc may also be declared at the Area, Regional, District and Club level and invite concerned members to participate in the challenging competitions in fund raising with a sportsmen spirit.  In some Areas, this type of Awards and Citations may not be acceptable. In such cases, Direct cash contributions from the Members can be preferred. Such generous contributions would reiterate the establishment of  our IP’s Slogan: