Above: full speech of Romulo Dantas

Romulo Dantas, Youth Representative, YMCA

2011 High-level Meeting on Youth, 110th Plenary Meeting

YMCA to Address UN General Assembly

21 July 2011 The YMCA was appointed by the President of the 65th General Assembly to deliver the speech on behalf of the youth of the world during the opening ceremony of the High-Level Meeting on Youth on July 25th,in New York, USA.

This important meeting marks the end of the International Year of Youth.

The worldwide YMCA is strongly focused on Youth. At its world headquarters the YMCA has employed an Executive Secretary for Youth Empowerment, Romulo Dantas, from Brazil, who is 29 years old. He will deliver the speech next Monday.

“When I was given this position with the YMCA my dream was to tell the world about the critical issues for young people and now I have the chance to speak from the podium of the United Nations”, says Romulo.

From one of the poorest and most violent areas of São Paulo, Brazil, In the 90’s, Romulo invested 14 years in working with YMCA as volunteer and staff. He is an example of someone who might have become a gang-member, drug-addict or, as some of his old friends, dead.

Romulo will share the platform with Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of UN and Josepf Deiss, former President of Switzerland and current President of the UN General Assembly.

“YMCA taught me that I could do incredible things and I learned how to be a leader and an active citizen by participating in civic education programmes, camps and sports, but also volunteering in my own community.”

"I had no self-esteem or self-confidence before joining the YMCA. Even with a great family, you need other reference in your life. The YMCA became mine.”

Heads of States, Ministers and young leaders from all over the world are expected for this important meeting. The outcome of the event shall inspire and shape public policies and programmes in all countries.

“Together with other International NGOs, we have been lobbying for the recommendations from this conference to express the real needs of young people. The results are starting to be very clear.”, says Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, Secretary General of the World Alliance of YMCAs. “Most people know the YMCA song. Today our message is much more. It is about empowering young people.”

Contact Details:
Johan Vilhelm Eltvik, Secretary General - World Alliance of Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)

Email: johan(at)ymca.int

Telephone: + 41 22 849 5100

Web: www.ymca.int

SGs Reaffirm Principles of Partnership

4 April 2011 During the opening day of the World Alliance of YMCAs executive meeting on 1 April in Geneva, the Principles of Partnership between the World Alliance of YMCAs (WA) and Y's Men International (YMI) were reaffirmed. The signing of the document by WA Secretary General, Johan Vihelm Eltvik and YMI Secretary General, Takao (Nishi) Nishimura was witnessed by the meeting participants.

The first signing of the document was in 1998 and is a commitment by both Secretaries General to deepen the relationship between the two organisations and together develop new ways to support the YMCA and the communities in which it is present throughout the world.

Now it is suggested that the Principles of Partnership be adopted at Area and Regional levels to seek a closer relationship between YMI and the YMCA.


SG of WA, Mr Johan Vihelm Eltvik and ISG of YMI Mr Takao (Nishi) Nishimura sign the Principles of Partnership.
(L-R) YMI Liaison to the WA Ms Hiromi Nagao, WA President Mr Kenneth Colloton, ISG YMI Mr Takao (Nishi) Nishimura, SG WA, Mr Johan Vihelm Eltvik.

Click on the image to view a copy of the Principles of Partnership between the World Alliance of YMCAs and Y's Men International, adopted on 1 April 2011.


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