Show The Power of One through the fund collection in this emphasis month.

Josey Joseph ISD (Public Relations) 09-10

Y’s Men’s Clubs were originally started as service clubs of the YMCA. The rapid growth of Y’s Men International and its service-oriented programmes across the world enabled it to rise to the level of an independent organisation. In 1982, the World Alliance of YMCAs and Y’s Men International resolved to work as “Partners in Service”, adopting a set of guiding principles. Even though Y’s Men International is at present an independent organisation, its loyalty to YMCA still exists.

Binding factors for the two world organisations together:

  • The red triangle in the Y’s Men’s Emblem is the emblem of the YMCA.
  • Loyalty to YMCA is emphasised in the Y’s Men’s Constitution at all levels.
  • When a Member is inducted to a Y’s Men’s Club or Y’s Service Club, he or she swears that “I shall be loyal to the YMCA also.
  • The Headquarters of the Y’s Men International is situated in the same place which accommodates the headquarters of the World Alliance of YMCAs in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Alexander Scholarship Fund (ASF) of the Y’s Men International is used exclusively for the Training of YMCA professionals, prospective YMCA officials, etc.
  • Most of the TOF Projects of Y’s Men International are implemented in collaboration with the World Alliance of YMCAs.
  • Several community service programmes are carried out jointly by YMCAs and Y’s Men’s Clubs or Y’s Service Clubs.
  • There are many instances of Y’s Men’s Clubs or Y’s Service Clubs starting YMCAs and vice versa.

The Alexander Scholarship Fund (ASF) was started in 1953 at the Y’s Men International Convention in Lansing, Michigan. Money was collected to have a famous painter do a portrait of Judge Paul William Alexander. He felt it as a waste but agreed to a renowned photographer at less money and left over monies in the amount of US$905.46 started the fund. Since then, ASF has been considered as one of the most important international programmes of Y’s Men International. Named after the founder Paul William Alexander, the fund has been demarcated for the purpose of helping the young qualified people to become YMCA executives.  Now, both Y’s Men and YMCA have a committed partnership deed- principle of partnership officially signed by both the organisations at the world level almost 30 years ago.

Purpose of ASF

In general, to promote the concept that this ASF is being utilised for the development of Youth leadership and YMCA Service.

  • To equip young people to become YMCA secretaries
  • To provide funds for supporting advanced training programmes to those who are already in YMCA career
  • To assist the YMCAs which require young trained directors and professional executives

Source of Fund

i.   Some Regions collect a fixed amount per Club Member along with the Regional dues.

ii.  Other Regions mobilise funds through voluntary contributions.

iii. Clubs are also mobilising funds by applying special fund raising techniques suitable to the nature and culture of the communities concerned.

 IP Kevin’s Goals on ASF (Based on the promises of the eight Area Presidents)

Africa - AP Hiasinti Kilasara

2000 CHF

Asia - AP Chon Byung-Koo

6500 CHF

Canada/Caribbean - AP Martin Dand

1000 CHF

Europe - AP Jacob Kristensen

1600 CHF

India A.P Rajan Panicker

2500 CHF

LAM A.P Sionides dos Reis Uria

300 CHF

SOP A.P Colin Lambie

300 CHF

USA A.P Phil Sammer

1200 CHF

ASF total Goals IP Kevin

15400 CHF

Now it is up to the 40 Regional Directors across the Y’s Men’s world to support the eight Area Presidents to honour their commitments to IP Kevin on this programme. During the emphasis month of June 2010, the Regional Directors have to motivate their District Governors, Club Presidents and Secretaries at their jurisdictional limit to mobilise maximum funds under this head of accounts. The ISD (ASF), ASDs (ASF) and RSDs (ASF) will have to induce a special drive in this concluding month of June in this Y’s year not only to achieve the goal but also to surpass the simple and reasonable goal on the ASF of our beloved IP.

Service Directors responsible to enlighten the Regional, District, Club level leadership to make the emphasis month successful

I am confident that the Service Directors Team under the leadership of ISD(ASF) Mr Sandy Reynolds and the strong support of the ASDs (ASF) Mr.T.Oyin Adedeji (Africa), Hak Hai Ng (Asia), Mr. Al Kingston (CAN-CAR) Mr. Paul Henrick Hove Jacobson (Europe), Mr. Varghese Paul (India), Mr. Walter Ricioli (LAC), Mr. Noel Hooper (SOP) and Mr. Dean Currie (USA) would be able to motivate the concerned leaders at different strata in our Movement, so as to surpass the goal of ASF declared by the respective Area Presidents and IP.

Principles of Partnership (a model) to be signed by each new Club/Region and the respective YMCA (if not done so far) is given below:

  • It is hereby reaffirmed that the two Organisations have a Christian basis from which originates the purpose of serving people and this service is carried out for all people without discrimination.
  • It is accepted that collaborations and support first requires the identification of common objectives and then the selection of specific tasks, programmes and projects.
  • It is recognised that in this process both Organisations are at the same level of responsibility and it is consequently expected that both should participate in the initial thinking of the development of plans, finding the implementation and evaluation.
  • It is expected that on whatever is carried out in partnership, both Organisations should contribute to the individual and collective growth and service at Local, Regional, National and World level.
  • It is expected that both Organisations should be open to the participation and involvement of the other at Local, National, Area and world levels, thus strengthening the relationship and co-operation.
  • It is recognised that effectiveness of the partnership depends upon mutual trust and support, potential benefits are many and that both Organisations should assist each other’s development in mutually accepted ways. This should be reflected in particular by evidence of greater YMCA support for the extension of Y’s Men International and increase of its Membership which in turn implies recognition of the increasing potential of Y’s Men action as Partners in Service in the YMCA.

Special note: In this context, let me invite your kind attention to my PR material on ‘Emphasis to Forward Plan of YMI’, which was published in May 2010.

Under suggested activities by the Clubs item 4 is “Relationship with the YMCA,” wherein the same subject had been elaborately expatiated.

Goodbye to 2009-10

Now this is the time to say goodbye to the Y’s year 2009-10. We must have the satisfaction that most of the local Clubs in several Areas could demonstrate the theme and slogans which had declared by the IP Kevin at the commencement of his year are meaningful and effective in all respect.

Yes! we enjoyed the theme “The Power of One” and established the meaning of the wordings of the slogan “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things”.

Let us congratulate IP Kevin Cummings for his unparalleled Leadership, Management Abilities and Stewardship


Thanks for the co-operation and support given to me throughout the year in my humble service as ISD-PR. Almighty God may bless you.

Congratulations to IP Kevin Cummings!

Felicitations to IPE Hirotoshi Fujii and ID(E) Y’s Menettes Shoko Fujii!