Youth Intern 2015-16

Applications close 30 January 2015


Download the 2015-16 Call for Applications (same information as given below)

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The International Council at ICM 94 approved the appointment of a Youth Intern at the International Headquarters (IHQ) in Geneva, Switzerland.

We are now seeking applications for 2015-16. If you are actively involved in Y's Men International and/or YMCA work, you can apply to take part in this programme which will provide you with:

  • Cross-cultural learning and experience.
  • Conceptual and technical learning of various job functions.
  • Knowledge of Y's Men and YMCA structures and functions.
  • Independent living experience.
  • Support and assistance in personal development planning.


  • You must have - or have had - active involvement with Y's Men International and/or YMCA (minimum 2 years), preferably with some international experience such as YEEP, STEP, attendance of International Youth Convocation or similar.
  • Have a very good working knowledge of English, which is our working language.
  • Be computer literate.
  • Have ability to take own initiative in your responsibilities, particularly in promoting youth involvement in Y's Men International.
  • Have a good understanding of the issues affecting young people.
  • Have an ability to adapt to a different cultural environment.
  • Have good organisational, planning and administrative skills.
  • Be aged between 22 and 27 during the year of service.
  • Be willing to work hard.
  • Have creativity.
  • Be willing to commit yourself to future involvement in Y's Men International following the internship.
  • Have a passport valid for the entire period of the programme.


The internship is for 11 months, commencing at the beginning of September 2015.


  • Y's Men International (YMI) will pay for the most economical direct airfare to and from Geneva, Switzerland.
  • YMI will provide a single room in the local YMCA Youth Hostel in Geneva.
  • YMI will also provide a monthly stipend of approximately 1,100 CHF (Swiss Francs), a public transportation pass valid for one year and medical/accident insurance coverage.


Although details of the job functions will be determined after the Youth Intern is selected, some of the potential areas of involvement are:

  • Planning of the 2016 International Youth Convocation in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Co-responsibility for the implementation of the Towards 2022 Action Plan (Youth Involvement Area).
  • Assistance in programmes related to youth (e.g. YIA, YEEP, STEP) in coordination with the International and Area Youth Representatives.
  • Publication of "Youth World" and other Youth materials.
  • Coordination and facilitation of the International Youth Committee.
  • Other office tasks as requested.


The following information should be provided by all prospective candidates:

  • Curriculum vitae including: name, date of birth, nationality, permanent address, present address, telephone/telefax numbers, E-mail address, academic qualifications (degrees and certificates obtained, specialised studies, etc.), work experiences, involve­ment with Y's Men International and/or YMCA, present responsibilities (position, nature of work), international experience within and outside Y's Men International/YMCA, family composi­tion, church affiliation, language proficiency and other appropriate information.
  • A recent passport size photograph.
  • A letter of endorsement from a Regional or higher officer (e.g. Regional Director or International Council Member or International Executive Officer) of Y’s Men International.
  • An essay (1 - 2 A4 pages) about yourself, your activities within Y's Men International and/or YMCA and stating why you are applying for the internship.  Please share some of your expectations of the internship and how it will further develop your area of work or interest upon your return.


Applications may be sent via post, email or fax:



Y's Men International

9 Avenue Sainte-Clotilde




Email:  ihq(at)


Fax: (+41) 22 809 1539



All candidates will be informed of the selection by letter during February 2015.