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Message from Korea Area President

Area Convention Report

Area President Kim Sung-pyo

12 September 2013 First of all, it was great honour for me to host the 2nd Korea Area Convention here in Gyeongju - a 1000 year old Shilla Dynasty City with slogan Wa, let's go to the world - Rise up! with you.

Thank you very much to those who participated to congratulate our Area Convention from abroad - especially ISG Takao Nishimura, Asia AP Yaz Okano, Asia IPAP Oliver Wu, PAP Wichian Boonmaparjorn and many leaders from India and from all over the world.

It was also great honour to host the main speaker, Ko Do-won - morning letter's President and talent Jung Young-sook as our Y's Men P.R Ambassador.

Since Korea Area became independent from Asia Area two years ago, we are holding the 2nd Korea Area Convention and now marching together on the same level with the world's 8 other Areas.

We have now established the Preparatory Committees to bid for the International Convention in Korea in 2018 and announced to recruit 10,000 members in order to accomplish the goals of Towards 2022.

It is hard and tough to run a full marathon course of 42.195km but the harder one is to step out the door by tightening the shoes's cord.

"Strong will can make the people's destinity. Do not set yourself a limitation. Without power of execution, nothing can do", Emerson says.

To accomplish 10,000 members in Korea first requires us to make the extension and division. It is not to divide the pie only but also to make the pie bigger and then divide.

Second is essentially continuous growth. We need the training of all Y's Men to have the right Mind & Vision to grow membership.

Third is to register the Mennettes as regular Y's Men in IHQ and Youth members to be Y's Men in near future.

Y's Men is to reduce the misunderstanding and to forgive other's mistakes. With this mindset and leadership, we are working together with YMCA to make the better world.

The main theme of this Convention was to focus on essentials and basics like MOU agreement with "school no violence", "Y's Men medical service", and change of paradigm of education program and youth growth.

I appreciate for 7 Co-Preparatory Committees and all steps from each positions who dedicated with honest heart and especially host club -Orora club and Gyeongju club.

Let's share the happiness together and come true our dream through our Korea Area Convention.

Thank you very much.


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