Acceptance Speech by AP Ym. Aby Abraham

Ym. Aby Abraham, Area President 2016-17

Accepting the office of India Area President by Aby Abraham


All blessings comes from above and it is His mercy that endures for ever. I look up to the skies and praise Him from whom all blessings come.


In the summer of 1996 a few like-minded friends met, I was also invited by Late Ym. PA Cherian, who was the charter president of my home club Peenya. That meet scripted the formation of Peenya Club and a new future for Y’s Dom in Bangalore. Today it’s the most vibrant club churning out young and efficient leaders. Little did I release then that after two decades later that I would have to head India Area. Sometimes life throws up pleasant surprises and this elevation is one of them. I owe my growth to my Club who were always by my side cheering me through. Thank you team Peenya.


To be President of the biggest Area in YMI is to me not a trivial task. I am very clear of what lies ahead.  In short that will be determined by you. But whatever be the road ahead I am clear in my mind of my slogan “Never Give Up”. My predecessors have taken India Area to an enviable position. I am indebted to you all for that.


Ym. Vijaykumar needs a special word of praise for  his dedication and doing his
best for bringing laurels to Area India. He travelled the length and breadth of the
Area and has become the darling of the members. In the backdrop of this I would find it easy/ difficult which only time will tell. The term Troika is often spoken of frequently. I have seen it work in Area India and Ym Vijayakumar played a significant role in it, Ym AT George was a wonderful partner in this troika.

I believe that just dreaming would not take you anywhere. You have to wake up and chase those dreams. I like my predecessors have dreamt many dreams, it’s time now to chase them. I fore see challenges that needs to be challenged. I am concerned about
the intolerance in some regions. Acts of indiscipline should not be indulged in. Often it’s the fence that’s eating the crop. Indiscipline cannot be tolerated and should be dealt with an iron hand. As a detergent ad caption says ”Soft on clothes and tough on dirt” I hope the message is loud and clear. 

The other challenge that’s bogging me is the dwindling membership. From a membership of 10,000 the number has dropped drastically. Where did we go wrong and how to we take corrective steps? We need to make extension our mantra and should be an ongoing process. We have somewhere failed to market ourselves, in spite of the crores of rupees spent for community projects. We will come out with
a policy on growth. There are fertile areas unexplored and it will be my endeavour to tap that potential.

International contributions will get my due share of concentration. Effective training procedures for preparedness. Developing the youth to take up future leadership. These are a few of the areas that’s challenging. Though we affirm our loyalty
to the YMCA and claim of the organic relationship. The ground reality is not encouraging at all. I have already opened channels of communications with them
and I am hoping something good transpires.


I have always believed and there’s no reason to doubt that Team work has always
worked for me, provided you pick the right team. Together everybody achieves more. You have just seen team India. Each person is a master in their field. I can assure you that we will push and shove for novelty and will always maintain the dignity of the office of the Area President.


My theme is “TO SERVE WITH LOVE” service we do in abundance. Just lace it with a little love and see how it feels. All projects to alleviate the human suffering falls under this preview. Being moved by human suffering is our duty. Area Project: Go Green- Save the environment. We have abused mother earth and we must save it from destruction and for our future generations. Regions have also taken it up, encourage DGs to pursue it only then we will be able to make an all India impact.


In conclusion I ask you of your support without which I would be a King without a Kingdom. With great humility I accept the post of India Area President.

God Bless YMI.

Signing off

Aby Abraham