34th India Area Convention will be held on 26th June 2016 at the Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore.

APE's theme "To Server with Love"

Area Project (incoming) "Go Green - Save the Environment"

APE's Slogan "Never Give Up"


Area Convention Brochure published. It can be accessed here.

Ym. P. Vijayakumar sworn in as the Area President (2015-16)

Ym. Vijayakumar P. gets installed today (28/06/2015) as the Area President for the Y'sdom Year 2015-16.

Ym. P. Vijayakumar joined Y’sdom as a member of Muvattupuzha Towers in the year 1996 and held almost all the post at the Club and District level and won several awards and recognitions. He has a long record of being a member of the Regional Cabinet and initiated several changes for the systematic functioning of the Region. He was the Regional Bulletin Editor in 2003-04 and 2007-08, Regional Secretary in 2005-06 and 2011-12, Regional Special officer in 2006-07, Regional Chairperson in 2009-10, District Governor in 2008-09, LRD in 2010-11 and Regional Director in 2013-14.  He was elected as International Council Member from India Area for the year 2014-16 and unanimously elevated to the post of Area President Elect.  Enrolled as a PWA Fellow in the year 2001.

He was adjudged as the Best Club Secretary and District Secretary of the Region, Best Regional Secretary of India Area twice, Member of the Best Regional team thrice. He bagged the coveted Elmer Crowe award from the Y’smen International. He was the best District Governor of the Region and the IInd Best in the Area. He was also adjudged as the best Y’s Men of MWIR during the year 2012-13. He is in the Area Council since 2004 and served as the coordinator for Area youth camp and family fest several times and received awards and recognitions for his outstanding services.  He was adjudged as the Best Regional Director of India Area. He was also the recipient of prestigious KCG Varghese Memorial Award for the Best Y’smen leader of India Area 2013-’14. 

He hails from Kanam, Kottayam District and took the PG Degree from NSS Hindu College, Changanachery. He started his career as the General Manager of a publishing company at Trivandrum and held managerial position in various firms at Kochi and Muvattupuzha. At present he is settled at Muvattupuzha and is actively associated with various socio-cultural organizations. He is married to Smt. Hema former Head of the Department of Economics SSV College, Airapuram, Perumbavoor. The couple has one daughter Diya.


His profile can be viewed here

Acceptance speech by Ym. Vijayakumar, Area President

Distinguished Leaders, my dear Y’s Men friends and Guests,


At the very outset I express my sincere gratitude to all my fellow Y’s Men, Y’s Menettes and Y’s Lings for the trust reposed in me by elevating me to the highest position of our organization in India Area. I honestly state that I am really honored and privileged while I assume the charge as the Area President of the largest and the strongest Area in Y’s men International. The height achieved by our Area is not attained by an overnight effort. The hard work and sacrifices during the past years by my predecessors made the task possible and thus we attained the number one position in Y’s Men International.


Ninteen years back, when I joined Y’s Dom as an ordinary member, I never thought of reaching the top, as an Area President. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to late Ym. Jacob Mathews, Past President of Muvattupuzha Towers and Ym. Elias T.P. who brought me to  this great organization. I am thankful to Ym. K.R. Anand, late Ym.  K.P. Paulose and late Ym. K. P. Vasudevan and late Ym. M.V. Gopalan who opened the doors of the Club, District, Region and Area for  me and  entrusted various leadership roles respectively. I am greatly indebted to late Ym. C. I Simon Past D.G and Ym. Prof. M. K. Babu Past R.D., for offering berth in their Cabinets. During the course of my journey through Y’sdom I was fortunate to serve the organization as Regional Secretary to Ym. Jose Alphonse and Ym. Jose Valothil and as Bulletin Editor of Ym. Aurelian Figureido. Let me thank these great leaders for their encouragement and support. Now I am at your service as the President of India Area.


I take this opportunity to thank members of my home club “Muvattupuzha Towers” who stood with me and extended their relentless support in my activities for the last 19 years of my life in Y’sdom. I also thank the vibrant, young and enthusiastic Area team members for their dedications and support.


My slogan for the year is “Make a Difference”. From top to bottom in our words and deeds we must have an identity of our own. I strongly believe that each and every Y’s men should carry the message of our organization to the grass root level and try to help the poor and downtrodden. The challenges before us are very high and we have to work hard to achieve our goals. I am sure, with the committed efforts of my dynamic Regional Directors, Lt. Regional Directors and District Governors we can surpass all the previous records.


Area is planning its activities by giving stress on following programmes (1) Membership Conservation. (2) Towards 2022. (3) Focus on Youth (4) Community Service and Image Building (5) Leadership training:


Ø  Membership Conservation: Members are the strength of any organization. We are giving top most priority to conserve our present membership and to add more quality members in our existing Clubs. I request all the LRDs to organize Zonal level membership development seminars and plan activities to strengthen our base.

Ø  Towards 2022: We have a beautiful dream of extending our organization to 100 countries with a membership of 50,000. To attain this goal we have to work hard. We have only seven more years. Area is committed to extend a helping hand to help Clubs and Districts for extension especially in the unexplored parts of India with the help of YMCAs. I have only one request to my DGs. Try to start and charter new Clubs with in the 1st 100 days of new Y’s dom year. I am happy to state that today District Governor’s from 3 Regions are handing over the Charter application of new Clubs to their respective RDs. My congratulations to all the leaders who took initiative in starting new Clubs. Let us continue this enthusiasm in improving our membership through quality members and healthy Clubs with proper guidance and orientation.

Ø  Focus on Youth: Y’s Men is the one and only service organization in the world to open the doors of the International Council for 2 young ICMs below the age of 40. But the number of young members in our movement are reducing year by year. We have to enroll more youth members to our movement.

Ø  Community Service and Image Building: Y’s Men’s Clubs throughout the world have been doing yeoman service to the humanity around their community. It is the bounden duty of we Y’s Men to wipe away the tears from the eyes of those    down trodden and less fortunate brethren around us. Let us continue our caring and sharing work of service to humanity through our noble and prestigious project “ Santhwanam (Solace)” which covers Home for the Homeless, Health Care, Waste Management, Environmental Projects, Traffic Awareness and ‘Learning through Reading’ projects. To create a positive image in the society we are planning various image building programmes involving public during this year. Kids Fest, Campaign against drugs, Marathons and planting of One Lakh trees are a few programmes. Please bear in mind that we are the brand ambassadors of this great movement.

Ø  Leadership Training: Good and meaningful orientation programme is must for any organization. Leadership training at all levels is very important because we need trained and committed leaders at all levels to shoulder responsibilities and guide Clubs to implement various programmes.


We have also given instruction to RDs to give maximum opportunities to Menettes and Lings to develop their talents and creative abilities.




As volunteers of a Service organization be ready to sacrifice a little of your time, treasure and talent for our great movement. Your dedicated work will fetch golden harvest from the Almighty for you and your family in the form of countless and priceless blessings. When we wipe the tears of others, God will extend his heavenly riches to bring smiles to our face.


As Area President of India Area, I assure that I will strive hard to discharge my duties to the best of my ability, with the generous and continued support of all the dedicated and enthusiastic members of our Area. With all humility I hereby declare that I accept the office of the President of India Area for the year 2015-16


Let us join together and make a difference in all our Y’sdom activities during the year 2015-16.


Thanking you all,


Yours in Y’sdom,


Ym. P. Vijayakumar.