Area President Ym. George A.T.: Acceptance of Office

Acceptance Speech by AP Ym. A.T. George

First of all let me thank the Merciful God, Who leads me in every walk of my life, for blessing me with this opportunity to be the India Area President of Y’s Men International for the year 2014-2015.

I express my sincere gratitude to all the members of India Area for elevating and giving me this proud privilege of talking the charge as their top most leader. I am much indebted to my home club, YMC Kothamangalam Central for the whole hearted support and encouragements which they have been giving me since I joined the Movement. With obligations, I recall the past APs and senior leaders who are always with me as my guides and advisors. My predecessors have done a wonderful work in developing our Movement. I take this opportunity to congratulate all of them especially the outgoing AP, Ym Rabi Panigrahi and his team for their splendid works and meritorious achievements.

It is our good fortune that Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala is very much with us as our Chief Guest to inaugurate the Installation Ceremony. On the behalf everyone assembled here I express my sincere thanks to him for blessing this occasion.  I also value the presence of YMCA Regional Chairman, Mr. Legi Philip for accepting our invitation to inaugurate the community service project. I am grateful to Ym. Isaac Palathinkal, the International President (elect) for installing me as the India Area President.

Today, India Area is accepted as a very strong and fast moving Area by the Movement and our growth and developments are being looked upon by the Y’s Men around the world.  The challenges before us are very high and we have to work hard to achieve our set goals. I am sure, with the committed efforts of my dynamic RDs, DGs, and other principal officers of clubs and with the dedicated work of all members of India Area, we will be able to surpass all the past records in achieving the goals.           

The most important attraction of our movement is that we have been developing into a family club. We must encourage the involvement of the entire family members in our organization and its activities. It is noticed that clubs are more stable wherever Menettes and Lings clubs are actively functioning.

Ever since the formation of our Movement, we have been doing community service which is considered as the “silver living” on all our Y’s Men activities. During my period my top most priority will be “the service to the poor and the needy” My slogan this year is “Be little and serve the little” and Area common project is “Comprehensive health care” Millions of poor people in India are   suffering from different outrageous diseases. The weaker sections of the society are finding difficulty to meet the cost of treatment and it is the social responsibility of our movement in to extend a helping hand to such weaker section of the society.

We belong to the privileged and enlightened section of the society who are blessed and gifted with riches, talents and resources by the Almighty. When we look around we can see many unfortunate human beings who do not have food, shelter, cloth or medicine. We should understand the feelings and sufferings of the less fortunate people and share our riches and talents to lift these downtrodden. Only when we are ready to serve the poor, the people around will know us and recognize us as worthy citizen of the nation.

We also have to explore, find out new places and expand our Movement. We should also enrich our activities and functions to attract more people towards our organization. People all over the world should know our service and message to understand our Movement.

I assure all of you that I will strive my best of discharge my duties as the India Area President with the continued support and co-operation of all the enthusiastic and dedicated members of our Area. With these words and with the prayers to the Almighty Let me on all humanity declare that I accept this honorable office of the India Area president for the year 2014-2015


Thank you

Ym A.T George

India Area President (2014-15)

Biodata of AP Ym. A.T. George

Ym. P. Vijayakumar of Mid West India Region elected as the Area President 2015-16.

His profile can be viewed here

Ym. P. Vijayakumar (Area President Elect)

Ym. Isaac Palathinkal, the International President 2014-15

IP Ym. Isaac Palathinkal, India Area



Ym. Isaac Palathinkal was elected as Y’s Men International President for the period 2014-15.

He is the fifth Indian to reach this apex post in the Y'sdom Movement.

More than 1000 clubs from 74 countries participated in the election.

A member of Y’s Men Club of Ernakulam South, he is very active in the Y’sdom for last 32 years. He has received many accolades in the movement.

He was the India Area President during 2011-12. He is an International Council Member since 2009.

He is hailing from the Palathinkal family in Kottayam. He has retired from O/E/N India as the Chief Technical General Manager.

He will assume his office during the International Convention to be held at Chennai in August 2014.

We all Y’s Men family members wish him all the best and assure him of our whole-hearted support for leading us.