The Ukraine: Helping people - out of politics

11. January 2015
By Natalia Blinkova (YMC “Ekaterinburg-1”), project coordinator
Last 2014 year brought a tragedy – the political war, the civil war in the Ukraine. This sad event and the confrontation between Russian and Ukrainian peoples painfully echoed in the hearts of people because interpersonal communication, friendship, history and the society of our peoples are very close, brotherly.

Therefore, in anticipation of the period of advent, New Year and Christmas celebrations the members of Y’s men clubs in the Urals ( Ekaterinburg 1 , Yekaterinburg 2, Rifey) decided to organize a long-term Y’s men’s action "The Ukraine: helping people out of politics".
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Hello to all our friends in Europe!

14. Janary 2015:
Region Russia held MYM (Midt Year Meeting), in St.Petersburg on 8-10.01.2015. Take a look at this little Hello-to-all-our-friends-in-Europe video. Click the photo!