When going to Norway, take an empty bag!

By RD Russia, Marina Makarove
Every Russian who goes to Norway is asked to bring an empty (!) suitcase. I was not an exception. - What for? - I asked. - You will see. But take a big suitcase! - was the answer. >>Read more!<<

Area Council Meeting in Vejle

On weekends, March the 5.-7. Area Council Europe Meeting (ACM) was held at Vejle Centre Hotel. RD's, EDA's and ASD's met with the Area Management - AP, APE , AT and AS and others - a total of 18 participants. >>Read more<<

An African EVENING – a charity event for the benefit of Gambian youth.

A Good Example of Service to YMCA.
Y’s men from different Regions take part in international projects for needed people all over the world. They take a special care about YMCAs. This meeting organized by Y’s men in Finland for African young people from Gambian YMCA is the best example of cooperation. (ASD CS Olga Vozchikova) >>Read more!<<