Read AP Henry Grindheim's Bulletin No. 3 - 2014 >>here!<<

Olive Picking In Bethlehem by the Local Community and Diplomats

By Club President Nader Abu Amsha
On Friday October 11th, 2013, the Bethlehem Y's Men & Women Club co-organized and participate in an olive picking day to support the local Palestinian farmers to harvest their olive trees.>>Read more<<

Regional Conference in Region Russia - 31.05 - 1.06.2014 in St. Petersburg

See introduction and invitation video to Regional Conference in Region Russia, 31.05 to 1.06.2014 in St. Petersburg.

Area Council Meeting in Asker, Oslo

The ACM spring meeting 2014 took place in beautiful surroundings at Thon Hotel Vettre in Asker, Norway from 7. to 9.March 2014, the same place as we were at the autumn meeting last year.

AP Henry Grindheim, Norway was the host. The invited persons were all the RD’s in the Area, all the RDE’s and several of the ASD’s, besides the members of the Area Europe team and IC members from Europe.>>Read more!<<

Training in Baltic States 7 – 9 February

By Jacob Kristensen, ASD Mentor Finland/Baltic
The training took place in Cesis in Latvia with 30 participants from 7 clubs: Livani, Cesis, Vilnius, Vilnius Community, Riga, Pärnu and a coming new club Elektricia. The training was organized by Cesis Y´s Women Club. >>Read more!<<


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