Second hand shop during 35 years

By Evan Johansen
Since September 1981 has Brædstrup Y’s Men’s Club driven a second hand shop at the main street in Brædstrup. Through the years they sold lot of second hand clothes, books and nips, which has generated proper profits to the work in the Club. It has given profits of more than 150.000 Euro. >>Read more!<<

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Where to spend my birthday?
This year I decided to go with the Petersburg YMC Vesna to congratulate children in the rehabilitation centre in the village of Volosovo.

Check the video says Marina Makarova, PRD in Russia

Midt-Year-Meating in St.Petersburg

On January 7-10, 2016 the Russian Y'smen held their MYM in St.Petersburg.
This time it was decided to hold our MYM in the form of a discussion. And the topics for it were chosen by all Russian districts in advance. Christian basis, extension, what is YMCA and how to work with it – these and some other topics took our time until evening. >>Read more!<<

By Asbjørn Barth Hauge and Synnøve
Our club, Kraakeroey Mixed Y’s Men’s Club in Norway, was charted on 01.12.1991. We were 16 members. For many years we have been just around 20-25 members, but the last years we have increased almost 40. The youngest members are about 60 years old now and the oldest ones are almost 90. Read more about the club in Kraakeroey! 

Romanian and Danish Y’s Men makes a difference to young Romanians.

By Evan Johansen, journalist
Since 2004 has Stewart Thompson from New Zealand worked to make a difference to Romanian children and youth, who have lived most of their lives at a children home.
Especially youth between 18 - 20 years have problems, because they can’t stay at the children homes. Stewart Thompson, who original was leading employee at a computer company in New Zealand, saw it as a task to help others. >>Read more!<<

YMCA-Y’smen Camp in Russia

 Y’smen club Ozerky service (St.Petersburg, Russia) has been mentoring and supporting a YMCA youth camp in Pushkinskie Gory, Pskov region, Russia (west, 2 hours to Estonia) since 2006.

Pushkinskie Gory is a special place dear to every Russian. It’s a mansion of the greatest Russian poet – Alexander Pushkin. >>Read more!<<