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Area Convention 2017 will take place i Cesis, Lativia.

PAP Ineta Krumina has together with the Area Convention Committee chairman Carl Hertz-Jensen and the planning group planned a very exciting program.

The theme for the Convention is "Working together in Spirit, Soul and Body" <<read more>>

News from the regional Y´s Men´s conference in Russia

This years regional conference in Region Russia was placed in Yekaterinburg from 3-5 June.

See some highlights from the conference on the video:

Norwegian student became member of Y’s Men’s Club in USA

By Marit Helene Kløve
The academic year of 1961/62 Marit Helene Hauge spent in Salinas, California. In Norway the first clubs were started in Stavanger in 1958 and in Oslo in 1959, so Miss Hauge was among the first Norwegians to become a Y’s Man, and probably the first woman. >>Read more!<<

Customers flock to Y’s Men’s flea market.

By Evan Johansen
Juelsmindeegnens Y’s Men’s Club belonging to south east Jutland is one of the smallest clubs with only seven members. But if you look on the economic side the Club belongs to the group of Clubs donating most money for charity - last year 170.000 kr. >>Read more!<<

Mentor for Finland/Baltic: Jacob Kristensen

In former time Finland has made a fine job creating clubs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The number of Y´s Men in Finland has been reduced through the last years and the energy to help clubs in Baltic has been week. Therefore Area Europe has pointed out a person to take care about the region Finland/Baltic

As mentor for Finland/Baltic I have regular contact to the leaders of the Region.
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ASD Jacob Kristensen's role as mentor for Finland/Baltic.


Mentor for Russia: Henry Grindheim

When the Sovjet Union as well as the former communist countries behind the Iron Carpet ceased to exist in 1991, Y’s Men International decided that this was a golden opportunity to look for extension in these new countries. ICM further decided in the early nineties that Region Norway should carry out a special responsibility for Russia.
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ASD Henry Grindheims role  as mentor for Russia


By Joar Oltedal DG, Norway
In April this year, on a Saturday we were about to have our annual district conference in Rogaland Norway. In many years there has been only a few Y’s men participating in this event. That is why the DG team this year wanted to try a new combination.......
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By Marina Makarova, PRD (Russia)
The Petersburg Y'smen decided to celebrate club members' birthdays in a specific way – not sitting at the table and eating or drinking, but making positive actions together. >>Read more!<<


Marina Makarova PRD, Russia

I addressed this question to 'special' children who came to the opening of the exhibition “A World around us” in the youth center of the city of Pushkin. And got an immediate answer: - To catch the beauty!”. >>Read more!<<