7 August 2015 Seven new clubs, six in India and one in Korea, have been announced in the latest New Club Announcement. Congratulations to everyone responsible for these new clubs including the new club members and their sponsors.

5 August 2015 Youth Intern Dominique Fernandez-Trelles has released her last edition of the Y's Youth publication, Youth World 64. It is filled with stories and updates on our youth from all over the world.

9 July 2015 The Y's Menettes are currently supporting several International Projects, including "Rural Rehabilitation Project for Widows and Poor Women". Inaugurated in September 2014, it is already having a great impact on the lives of impoverished women. To learn more about this initiative and the Menettes' other projects, you can read the 2014/15 report of International Projects Coordinator, Ms Gurli Holm.

6 July 2015 IPIP Isaac Palathinkal has issued his third and final "e-communiqué". IPIP Isaac's wish is that it reaches every member to give them an opportunity to realise what is going on in each Area and enhance their International outlook on our Movement.

6 July 2015 The 2015/16 year is here. Congratulations to all officers at all levels of YMI that have accepted new leadership positions this year. To focus our efforts in 2015/16, IP Wichian Boonmapajorn has published his list of Emphasis Months. It is available also for downloading.

24 June 2015 To give young people living in extreme poverty a better start in life, we’ve teamed up with Y Care International to provide young people around the world with Life Starter kits so young people can work their way out of poverty and into a brighter future.


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Seven new clubs have been announced in the latest New Club Announcement. Congratulations to the new...

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Four new clubs have been announced in the latest New Club Announcement. Congratulations to the new...

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The Y's Menettes are currently supporting several International Projects, including "Rural...

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