Message from SEA Regional Director

May 1, 2012

Dear Fellow Y’s Men in Southeast Asia Region,

It is great pleasure to attend this Regional Conference and meet you all again in the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand. 

I need to compliment each of you for spending extra effort to show up personally in this conference. We can thus get together and come up with new idea to enhance the interactions between Y’s Men Clubs and YMCA, and actively promote Y’s Men movement in each country under South East Asia Region. 

We will cover the update from SMIT and HK districts on the first day of the meeting that each district can share their joy and excitement with others on their Y’s Men activities. And we will have workshops to exchange idea in achieving the defined objectives.

As emphasized in my RD report to AP Wichian, one key challenge facing South East Asia Region is communication in between Y’s Men Club. Therefore, I have initiated the construction of having a website under South East Asia Region that each club can post their club’s activities update to the web. The new South East Asia Region website will be under the domain name of “”. Our Region’s Webmaster, Y’s Men Amy Yuen will walk us through the website’s details on the second day of this conference.

Last but not least is that, I have to thank PRD Udomchai, the local host committee chairman, for the extensive support to made this event successful.

My best wishes to all Y’s Men for a productive Regional Conference 2012 in Bangkok.

Y’sly Yours, 

Claudius Chan

Regional Director - 2011-2012

Southeast Asia Region

South East Asia Regional Conference 12th May 2012