International Election Results 2012/13

12 February 2013 Mr Isaac Palathinkal from Cochin, India, has been elected International President Elect of Y's Men International for a period of one year, starting 1 July 2013. On 1 July 2014 he will assume the office of International President for one year.

Mr Palathinkal, a retired engineer, has been a Y's Man since joining as a charter member of the Ernakulam South Y’s Men’s Club in 1980. He has served at some of the highest levels of the organisation including International Council Member and International Service Director. He served as the ISD for Extension for five years (2003-2008) and during this time designed and distributed the extension brochure, "Welcome to Y's Men International", which is still in use and distributed to all newly chartered clubs.

At the Area and Region level he has served as Area President, Area Secretary, Regional Director and also a term as District Governor for which he received the Elmer Crowe award.

His local Ernakulam South Club has 32 members and locally is supporting "Cancer and Palliative Care" and "Renal Care and Dialysis" projects for the poor, as well as contributing to the Time of Fast Global Project Fund.

He has also had a long and active association with the YMCA that began as a 10-year-old in the YMCA Boys' Branch of the Kottayam YMCA. Mr Palathinkal is now a life member of the Ernakulam YMCA and a past committee member of the South Branch.

During his term as International President, Mr Palathinkal would like to see the "Towards 2022" action plan implemented at the club level and to reverse the trend  of decreasing membership that is occurring in some Areas while continuing to improve membership numbers in the Areas experiencing growth. He is concerned with the aging membership and will strive to implement plans to attract younger members.

Mr Palathinkal would like to tackle these concerns through collective discussions and interactions while studying positive performances of other service organisations to create benchmarks to measure our improvement. He would also encourage all Areas to increase their support to International projects.

He believes a "paradigm shift" is required in our approaches and new concepts need to be introduced, including online training and a general increase in the utilisation of online facilities. He would also like to encourage the continued cooperation between Y's Men International, the United Nations and ECOSOC, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and other worthy organisations.

Participation in the voting

The deadline for this year’s International Election ballots was 25 January.

Clubs who sent votes after this date were considered as election participants but their votes were not counted.

Until 30 January, 946 clubs had sent in their voting ballots. Based on the membership as at 1 August 2012 of 1,592 clubs, the participation rate was 59%.

Out of the ballots received, 18 were late and the IEOs had to declare 87 invalid for various reasons leaving a total of 841 valid voting ballots.

Amendments to the International Constitution

The amendments to the International Constitution approved by ICM 12 and submitted to the clubs in Voting Ballot 2 - 12/13 were defeated. Both proposals failed to reach the required two-thirds majority of valid votes received.

Ballot 2.1

Proposed amendment to Article I, Section 1 (change to “International Association of Y Clubs”)

Approved - 47.1%, Did not approve - 48.5%, Blank - 4.4% (Proposal defeated)

Ballot 2.2

Proposed amendment to Article III, Section 1 (addition of “Y Community Clubs”)

Approved - 51.0%, Did not approve - 44.5%, Blank - 4.5% (Proposal defeated)

Leaders taking office 1 July 2013

International Executive Officer

International President Elect



Mid West India

International Council Member

EUROPE (2013-15)



EUROPE (2013-15)

Mr Karsten MUMM


International Council Member

INDIA (2013-15)

Mr Valothil JOSE

Mid West India

INDIA (2013-15)

Mr Chacko SAJU

Mid West India

International Council Member Elect


(APE/ICME 2013-14, AP/ICM 2014-16)

Mrs Clara Iheomagwu ADETUYI

Africa Northwest

International Council Member Elect


(APE/ICME 2013-14, AP/ICM 2014-16)

Mrs  Marcia Campos MENDES PEREIRA